About Us

Delibee is the result of a honey production value chain in one of the most important beekeeping regions in America. This eco-region of native forests and citrus fields frame a final product packaged at origin of high quality. In addition to caring for the environment in which we live, we believe that generating value in our region is the form of sustainable development that will make jobs grow, granting economic and social prosperity.

Our production, located in the citrus fields of the province of Tucumán, a privileged beekeeping area in Argentina, has a controlled traceability in the handling of the beehives following the most advanced protocols in the region. This unique situation guarantees excellence in the quality of all our products and places us in a privileged position to supply the growing demand for honey worldwide.

We guarantee an international product of excellent quality resulting from the careful selection of the best honey and compliance with the most demanding procedures throughout the entire process.


Delibee is made with honeys from apiaries located in the most important citrus fields of Argentina and the world, offering a honey of unique quality, flavor and purity. We also take advantage of the autochthonous flowering of our mountains, which are so valuable in biodiversity,

We produce our honeys seeking to contribute to improve our environment, improving the social and economic reality of the families that make up Delibee. For these reasons we consider that our customers are part of these benefits, being responsible consumers.

Recognitions and certifications